Travel Tips

Health & Security:

  • Make sure you have done all proper vaccinations before leaving your home country. (Vaccinations is very important especially you enter African nations)
  • Always have a few copies of your travel documents like Visa, Passport etc. that will help incase lost or stolen of your documents.
  • It is good to carry your travel documents along with you.
  • It is recommend to buy the world sim card from your origin point (or) buy the local sim card from the destination point that will be used to contact in case of emergency.

Currency Exchange:

  • Double check with your bank that your credit card will work in the country you’re visiting.
  • Always have their local currency before entering into the foreign countries.
  • It is preferred to convert your money into local currency by using ATM or bank, the conversion will be exact. The conversion centre in the airport and in the city tend to be huge rip –offs.
  • It is clever to convert your local currency when the foreign currency rate is low.


  • Pack an extra set of clothes in your hand baggage that will be help out in case the airline lost your baggage.
  • It is recommend to bring less weighted bags or suit case.
  • Keep remind of your free baggage allowance offering from Airline.
  • Bring your prescribed medicine and other valuable things in your hand carry.
  • Many countries have different size plugs and voltage. Make sure you bring the right plugs for your phone and other electronic product.