2 Adults ₹ 1000 for 2 hours
2 Adults ₹ 15000 for half-day

Andaman has enough of trekking sites given the diversity present in each of the islands. A lot of tourists who visit these parts of the globe show fervent interest in trekking. Trekking is particularly popular among the backpackers and those who want to enjoy the real and innate beauty of the untamed locality.

Trek to Limestone Caves:

Visit the Baratang Island, travel through the Jarawa Tribal Reserve, trek to the limestone caves, take a boat ride across the Andaman Sea and visit the mud volcanoes. The trek itself begins after you an AC bus picks you up from Port Blair and drives through the Jarawa Tribal Reserve. When the road ends, you’ll take a fiber boat ride to Baratang Island and trek to the limestone caves and mud volcano. The caves feature unusual formations of rock, made from the minerals of limestone and calcite. This adventure-packed, relatively easy trek gives you the chance to explore the tropical beauty of the Andaman Islands over a short day trip.

Baratang, Middle Andaman

Mount Harriet and Madhuban Beach

Mount Harriet trek in the South Andaman extending to Madhuban is approximately 16 kilometers long. The trek offers rare and beautiful sighting of exotic and endemic bird species and butterflies. The charm of the dense woodlands cannot be ignored. The astonishing trek through the rugged wilderness is replete with adventure and thrill.

Chidiya Tapu, South Andaman, Kala Pahad, Mundapahad

Chidiya Tapu is another great option for eager trekkers. It has an ideal trekking trail that takes one through lush green beautiful forests and the idyllic coast line and leads onto Kala Pahad. The name Kala Pahad, which means ‘Black Mountain’ itself sets the adventurous mind in action. The trekking trail is quite dense here and a travel guide is recommended for the trekkers. After reaching Chidiya Tapu take in the amazing view at the edge of the black cliff with an expansive sea front. This spot is exquisitely beautiful and make the trek worthwhile.

Trekking trail across the Mundapahad to Chidiyatapu is equally exciting. This trekking is exquisitely custom-made for bird watching and the gorgeous sunset viewing. Sunset view is most beautiful at this destination. The trek to Mundapahad starts from Chidiyatapu and leads you on to the southernmost part of the island.

Note: All Trekking activities will be followed and accompanied by our professional team.