Game Fishing

Game Fishing

2 Adults ₹ 10000 for 2 hours
2 Adults ₹ 15000 for half-day

Fishing in Andaman waters is extra delightful because this space is still off grid and untouched by the intrusion of commercial or mass fishing. Andamans provides an excellent and thrilling opportunity for mixing sports fishing with relaxing holidays. There are many professional and premium game fishing operators in and around the Andaman Archipelago. These game fishing operators have been operating in these waters for more than a decade and provide ultimate guidance for a pleasurable game fishing experience. Their services are personalized and very organized.

Weather Condition

The activity shall not be carried out once a cyclone warning is in force or any adverse conditions exist

Locations for Game Fishing:
Anywhere within Andaman Islands


  • We do not recommend snorkeling to people with high or low hypertension, pregnant women, heart patient, and others who are under medical advise.
  • All Game Fishing activities will be followed and accompanied by our professional team.